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Growth Mentoring | Janez

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My name is Janez, born and living in Slovenia.

Sometimes I look out and see opportunities that can bring some value to me and my loves one.
Do you see it as well ?

I follow my strong believe that everybody is for something but nobody is for everything.

And this "something" i am exploring through different layers of my life .
I starting to work in IBM Mindfulness community as practice leader for Europe gives me huge boost of finding my "off" button for autopilot flying.
I hosted and co-hosted mindfulness journeys with my colleague in home country Slovenia.

Mindfulness bring me joy and patience to tackle different things in my life.
I love to see how old things shine in new way . I found that wood crafting brings me joy and help me find my mindfulness moments.
Creating something that you are using every day made by your hand is precious.

I am enthusiastic agile approach person who is problem solver by heart.

I was badminton coach for more than 10 years while a lot of people said that there is no room for "my" way.
I took over for more than 60 re-creative players who we constantly improve each other every week.
First was only badminton than I grew in mentor/trainer.

There is always way.
Most important is that you have "buddy" who will believe in you and put mirror in-front of you.

Lets team together and i will help you with first steps of your journey that you will enjoy.
This will be also fuel for your personal growth.

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