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Habit Coach & Space Curator | Eva

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I am Eva, a passionate Habit Coach & Space Curator. I am also a maker & multi potential, and believe you are too.* Why?

Makers & multi potentials (MMPs) are driven people who have tons of interests, sparking ideas, projects, tasks, and luckily also many talents to make them happen. Doing so, they tend to have “too many hats on”. Their many roles in life and work lead to stressful days, too little breaks, lack of quality me-time, unhealthy behaviors like binge-eating, not saying “No!” as often as finally wanted, and not asking for more support to make life easier. Sounds familiar to you?

I coach MMPs to foster their energy, resilience and joy in order to make things that truly matter happen: From sparking your creative skills, hacking your productivity, fostering your (mental) health, or bringing your mindfulness or any other learning skills to a next, healthy level.

I especially support MMPs in designing easier rhythms of life and work, and creating its needed structures and physical and digital spaces to make daily life easier. Moreover, I guide MMPs such as parents and entrepreneurs to reflect on their behavior, aiming at creating healthy habits, and limiting or stopping bad habits to achieve one's aspirations. Why? Habits are - next to one’s physical and digital spaces - a key leverage for personal change to live healthier and happier.

I am...

  • a certified Tiny Habits® Coach – trained and mentored at Stanford Behavior Design Lab by world-famous behavior researcher and best-selling author BJ Fogg PhD.
  • a certified KonMari Consultant – trained and mentored by world-famous tidying expert and best-selling author Marie Kondo.
  • an entrepreneur specialized in Sustainable Behavioral Change – for 8+ years.
  • a passionate MMP for about 39 years.

*Please note, being a MMP has nothing to do where you land on the introvert-extrovert-spectrum.

I support you in English and German.

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