Mindfulness and Holistic Meditation Coach | Zhassulan 'Jazz'

Mindfulness and Holistic Meditation Coach | Zhassulan 'Jazz'

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Hi, My name is Jazz and I invite you to explore yourself and the world around you with a mindfulness approach.

My passion for self-exploration started from psychology and philosophy. Many years of intensive individual and group therapy and intellectual development were starting points to find out that introspection technologies are my field of interest.

I spent 10 years studying mindfulness in different traditions such as vipassana in Myanmar, zazen in Japan, Tibetan Buddhist meditations in Nepal, maum in South Korea, Taichi in China, kriya yoga in India, and Gurjief mindful movements in India. It's been an incredible experience that allowed me to dive into the depth of my consciousness on the practical level.
I clearly realized the value of different traditional meditations as well as their interconnectedness and common essence.

Secularity & science
My study and research continued and I decided to explore meditations in secular approaches and got acquainted with mindfulness and specifically MBSR (Mindfulness-based Stress/Suffering Reduction) 8-week program that became the “golden standard’ of all evidence-based programs in the world.

My competences
Being alumni of Mindful Academy Solterreno I started to deliver this amazing, very useful, and simple approach to everyone who wanted to change their lives for the better. I found out that the secular approach is the key, so I deepened my personal practice as well as professional.

Nowadays, I am a senior trainer and mindfulness supervisor continuing to deepen my professional competencies by conducting online/offline retreats, 8-week MBSR programs, and MBSR teacher trainings around the world. At the same time, I am working on different interventions based on mindfulness and delivering different kind of online courses that can be helpful for beginners and advanced practitioners.

What do I offer?
I have 5 years of experience working with individuals, couples, groups, and the corporate world. Last 3 years my focus is on teaching qualified MBSR teachers around the world and supporting them by providing professional supervision after their graduation.

By choosing me as your mentor, coach, or teacher you have the opportunity to start practicing, or deepening your practice with competent support, in safe conditions, and at your own pace.
We will explore different aspects of your life: work, family, relationship with oneself and others, and taking care of your mental, emotional and physical health. You will open doors to improve your well-being in general and deepen into your core basic values by creating wide and mindful perceptions including trust, non-judging, acceptance, open and curious mind, patience, letting go, non-striving, and self-compassion attitudinal. Simply saying, you will have the opportunity to deconstruct yourself and build your new, true and authentic self in a way you want.
To be specific, I am offering an adapted structure of the MBSR course for individuals, couples, and groups for anyone.

To consider:
All methodology is based on evidence and a science-based approach. No esoterical or mystical knowledge is used in training and mentorship. Any request individually analyzed during first contact in orientation session and following program can be adapted accordingly.
I don’t have any expectations from you, but you have to take responsibility and make clear decisions about your commitment and involvement regarding the process and your well-being. That will give you strong intention and steadiness in your journey. I am willing to create safe conditions and competent support as a guide in this co-journey.

Feel free to ask any questions before making any decision to have journeyed with me :)
May the Awareness Be With You!

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