Mindfulness Mentoring | Patrick

Mindfulness Mentoring | Patrick

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What you get?

Guarantee improvements, embodied mindfulness and connect and 👇

  • Guidance
  • Motivation
  • Emotional support
  • Role modeling.

I will also help with exploring mindful learning paths/careers, setting goals, developing contacts, and identifying resources 🌏

Readiness & a bit about Me 🥷🏼

If you are ready to become more aware, change your autopilots, become more focused, emotionally intelligence and increase your well being... I am your person 🥺

I have traveled around the world teaching, learning and bringing mindfulness to hundreds of thousands of individuals. To name a few recent achievements 👇

  • I have led the growth of the mindfulness community at IBM to 20,000 members, 
  • Created a free online course, "Explorations into Mindfulness" in partnership with the University of Oxford with over 10k completions and 5 star ratings,
  • I currently leading several programs/projects focused around mindfulness practitioners, mentoring, consult and supporting international, local companies and institutions

I became fascinated with this topic after having spent years studying international relations, political science, the mind and contemplative practices while completing my Bachelors at the Virginia Common Wealth University and then a Masters at Université Libre de Bruxelles and Uniwersytet Wrocławski.

I am a critical skeptic by heart, all about being agile, and have over 20 years experience in the martial arts, 10 in yoga and under 1 with Wim Hof. I also speak English and Polish professionally.

Before your book a session please reflect on the the following 👇

  • Be Respectful of Our Time 🕰

Be respectful of cutting out time wasters in our meetings, and make sure you give me plenty of notice if you need to cancel or reschedule a session.

  • Set Realistic Expectations 😎

I can be a guide. Not everything for you, I am going to mentor you. We will set successful goals and expectations at the beginning to base the mentorship on a solid foundation.

  • Come to Each Meeting Prepared 👍

This ties in with respecting our time and setting realistic expectations. Come ready to learn, rested and alert. Also, if you have a prepared agenda for each meeting, you are much more likely to stay on task and optimize the time you have together. We can also decided on who, what and how on the first session. Let's also make sure we stay consistent and set expectations early.

  • Be Flexible and Learn 🤘🏼

A mentorship can be an amazing and productive way to improve yourself. Take advantage of this relationship and learn as much as you can but be constantly aware of ways to better yourself and the relationship. Flexibility will help you be a better mentee in this regard.

  • Be Yourself 💚

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”
 Bernard M. Baruch

Thanks for being 🙏

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