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Career Fulfilment Coaching | Ivana

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Hey, I am Ivana from Croatia - curious, caring, open-minded and open-hearted, love to learn and enjoy to dance salsa.
And I enjoy feeling energized and appreciated at work. That is why I started my coaching mission:
To contribute in creating more inspiring workspaces where people use their top strengths, feel energized and truly engaged.

And why I am so in love with this topic?
Since I was a kid, I wanted to be a teacher. And then I became an Electrical Engineer. And then I worked in 3 countries, at 8 different jobs. This very colorful journey brought me to coaching and gave me the opportunity to accomplish my childhood dream. This dream makes my heart sing and my body energized. It makes me inspired and deeply grateful because I feel that I contribute while using my talents and top skills.
And I believe that everyone has that dream and the opportunity to make it real.

My unique coaching framework covers three domains:
1. INSIDE WORK (Self-Connectedness)
2. OUTSIDE WORK (Communication Skills)
3. DIRECTION (Career Compass)

What will you experience during the sessions?
Empathetic support, trusting space, comfortable silence, thought-provoking questions, playfulness (yes, we do important work, but it doesn’t mean we have to be serious 😊).
I will guide you to find your own answers (instead of giving advice or solutions).
You will learn how to genuinely self-reflect. While learning about yourself you’ll become inspired to move into action.

Sooo if you want to feel reeeeally good, energized and inspired at workplace – I am here to support you in that exciting mission!
Let’s talk about it during the free 45-minute call. See you there 😊

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