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I have been coaching people to become great coaches for over 15 years. My primary focus is on business coaching: developing people to be more effective, gain more satisfaction and make a meaningful contribution in the work they do. Our focus is on helping people help themselves to develop the skills they need to grow and excel. If you want to develop your coaching skills to be world-class, this is for you.

I have been a practitioner of Lean and Lean IT for over twenty years. Lean rests on two key ideas: respect for people and continuous improvement. Coaching is a challenging role under any situation. Given our world today, coaching is concurrently more important and more difficult than ever. We will focus on practical methods you can apply to create solid virtual connections, effectively support others and nurture personal growth.

Each session I will give you concrete practical tips, suggestions and actions. I will provide different examples, give you various answers and help you dive deeper into the questions you have.

I speak English.

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