Cross-cultural and Leadership Coaching | Elena

Cross-cultural and Leadership Coaching | Elena

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Hello, my name is Elena and

I love the VUCA world.

The turbulent times are not easy, but they are full of opportunities. That was the lesson I learned in Kyiv in December 2008, right before New Year, when I lost a dream job in an investment company. I felt as if I fell out of a train running at a high speed.

The world stopped. I was 25 but never in my life had I chance to ask myself -
Since that time I started looking for meaning. You can call it a vocation, calling, mission. Until 3 years ago I found it in coaching and training. In January 2021 I have changed the corporate world for unchartered waters of entrepreneurship to develop my coaching career.

Now I help leaders living abroad to reach a new level of life and business.

I help with Work & Life balance coaching (burnout, looking for vocation and new directions in career and business, finding harmony between work and personal life),

Cross-cultural coaching (adapting, finding a job, vocation, and starting a business in a different country),

Public Speaking coaching (how to speak with impact, feel confident and deliver a strong message to the audience),
Business coaching (growing sales and business).

I always start communication from a free chemistry session during which we can meet, see and understand if our mutual work will bring you that exponential change you are looking for.

Sessions with me are profound, strong and careful. It's a safe and reliable place to explore your inner world, discover your true potential and live the life you want.

In the last 7 years, my family and I have changed 3 EU countries.
I have 15 years of corporate experience and speak 6 languages.
I am a speaker, artist, musician, and citizen of the world.

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