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Cross-cultural development Coach | Marta Zielinska

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Hi there!
My name is Marta Zielinska.

I'm a Psychologist by education, HR specialist and coach by experience, and an Expat by choice. I help expats get more confident and comfortable in the new culture. I offer sessions in English and Polish.

People connect with me most often for one of these three reasons:
1.They want to feel more comfortable in the new location, and get help in figuring out their next steps abroad while dealing with all the emotions and annoying thoughts that impact them.
2.They want to feel more confident when working in international environment, and build their cross-cultural competence.
3.They want the time, space and support with challenges life throws at them.

Growing up, I was interested in all things international. It started with an atlas – which proved to be the most interesting read ever – and continued through learning foreign languages and singing in a choir that hosted international festivals, to getting a corporate job, having regular exposure to people from various global offices and getting certified as a Transformational Coach and Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Practitioner.

In 2015, I came to the UK because I chose to. I wanted to have more international exposure, practice my language skills, and experience “the big world”. What I did not realise is how truly emotional and transformational this experience would be for me! That’s how Project Abroad was born, first as an outlet of my own reflections on living abroad, and then as a way of sharing advice with other expats on how to build a successful international career, mindset and life.

1 - I deeply care about you not just having 'an ok experience' abroad. 
I want you to really achieve the goals you have set for yourself abroad. And feel confident in the process!

2 - I am practical and structured about approaching challenges. 
People I coach often come to me with a whole lot of thoughts, doubts, challenges and feelings. Confused about what is causing them to feel like this, or what to do next. Step by step we untangle these, make sense of the experience and create a tangible plan to move their lives forward.

3 - I see value in learning about cultural dimensions for personal development.
In fact, Cultural Values assessment is often the first thing we discuss together in longer-term coaching programmes. This knowledge helps you understand where some of the frustrations may be coming from, and gain more self-awareness which you can build on when working internationally. It's a great starting point to a conversation about cultural adaptation and effective cross-cultural working.

4 - I believe that if you're aware of something, you can do something about it
Self-awareness for me is the first step to any transition, be it moving to another country, starting a new job or moving to the next phase of life. If you're not aware of what the underlying issue is, you can't really do much about it. But when you shine some light on it, everything seems more achievable.

Do you...
> Have a great professional experience, but (maybe secretly) struggling with cultural differences at work, feeling confused with some ways of working and communicating?
> Receive mixed feedback about your working style and are worried about its impact on your career?
> Feel an enormous pressure to make this move a success (you wanted it yourself after all!) so you feel like you can’t really share your struggle with anyone openly?

but instead, you'd much rather...
> Feel confident at work and attract exciting opportunities to advance your career?
> Find a common language with your new colleagues and teams despite of the cultural differences?
> Get over your limiting beliefs and make the best out of your life abroad?
…then let's talk! :)

1. Free 30 min intro call where we discuss your goals, aspirations and challenges to see if we’re a good fit for coaching together
2. Standard 60 min coaching session where I ask questions, challenge your thinking, and give you space to think, feel and reflect, so that you can create insights that will push you forward.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

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