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Financial Harmony Mentoring | Faris

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A good metaphor of our personal finance is "a home; no matter how simple it is, as long as the structure is strong, we feel protected and better prepared to weather storms."

In my life, I have lived through different financial conditions, that gave me a new perspective on human consumption and financial behavior. Now, as a father of three, I am very concerned with the ecological and social conditions of our planet, I also believe that for the sake of our survival as a species, we should as soon as possible turn into conscious and conscientious consumers. We should not wait for disasters to strike again.

The core of my method is to base our consumption activities on personal values and goals, it comes with a few tools that could be utilized to prioritize spending; a great motivator to improve our budgets and increase our savings.
The end goal here, is for you to elaborate on your life-style, to create a sticking habit of mindful decision-making and bring financial harmony to your home.

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