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Habit Coach & Space Curator | Eva

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I am Eva, a Habit Coach and Mental Fitness Advocate. I support entrepreneurs, managers, and teams who “have too much on their plate” to improve their peak-performance, wellbeing and relationships. How?

‣ By establishing a strong mental fitness practice (through discovering one's mental self-sabotage caused by mental saboteurs like the Hyper-Achiever, Controller, Pleaser, Avoider, etc.).
‣ By creating supportive routines, stopping bad habits, and starting good ones.

As only 1 out of 5 people use their mental potential and 6+ hours of one's day are based on mostly unconscious habits, this is a game-changer! By training 3 brain muscles and good habits, you
‣ improve peak-performance especially when stressed, angry, or insecure,
‣ live healthier relationships with your team, clients, and family, and
‣ feel happier.

I am glad to coach online, bi-lingually in German or English.

I founded 2 ventures, and supported hundreds of challenged people. I am trained by and collaborate with internationally leading researchers and experts, like Professor BJ Fogg PhD (Stanford University) or neuroscientist Shirzad Chamine (Positive Intelligence). I am honored to have been featured as a speaker at entrepreneurship and wellbeing events and podcasts, as a co-author of soon-to-be-launched books, and as an executive contributor for the top-entrepreneurship magazine Brainz. I live in Vienna/Austria with my French fiance, my yoga mat, and an adventurer’s mind.

Stay Curious!

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