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Inner Self Coaching | Hang

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Hello, my name is Hang (instead "hang" me on the wall, you should pronounce "a" is /a/, not /æ/ :)

I had been disconnected from myself for a while, day after day, others' voices become my own voices. I was stuck and questioning whether or not I'm worth my dreams, or I was just nobody. Physical ill could be healed by medicine or surgery.

However, mental illness can truly heal with connection, empathy and the believe that we are matter. In this massive information age, more than ever we need to be quiet and listen to ourselves before any time of commercial or even music.

My coaching method is "be present" and "answers always stay within". I would love to partner with you to go on the connecting journey in which you find the loveable and precious you again. Learning how to take care of that person and claim the driver seat of your own life. It might be a long journey, but don't worry, I'm here and you are not alone in this world :) Now, let get started with the first call to see how could we make your dreams come true.

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