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Meditation & Mindfulness Mentoring | Laurence

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Dear Friend,

As a mentor, I wish to help you achieve your goals and dreams, develop your own Meditation & Mindfulness practice and increase your:

  • Physical and mental health, wellbeing and vitality
  • Emotional intelligence, positive leadership and trusted relationships
  • Career opportunities and “out-of-comfort zone” career choices
  • Life and work balance and wisdom. Energy alignment to your life purpose.

Every day I do experiment that “happiness is a skill” and can be learned and any age, by anyone who is willing to. Because we know that “our thoughts and feelings create our reality”, then we can train to invite compassion, empathy, kindness, gratitude, joy, enthusiasm, forgiveness or other elevated emotions to become our everyday life. Even when facing challenges.

My story, what can I offer to you?

In 2016, during a software company acquisition in India for my global business unit, I had the chance to meet a CEO who was practicing breath mindfulness meditation and encouraged me to give it a try! While it was brand new to me, the benefits were immediate, energizing and fulfilling, at work and at home.

I had been a senior executive for more than 20 years, successfully managing large global organizations, multi-billion P&Ls and teams serving clients in the Information Technology Sector. It became obvious that meditation and mindfulness truly serve people in many ways, both in our workplace and in their families and communities. I had to do something. I decided to research, read and learn extensively to expand my knowledge and deepen my practice. To bring its value to my colleagues.

Then after introducing meditation to thousands of leaders and professionals at the office, I recently decided to leave New York, settle in France and devote my time to teaching Meditation & Mindfulness in the corporate and academic worlds. I co-founded the non-profit / non-religious “Buddha CEO Quantum Foundation” to empowers all leaders and graduating students with scientific and transformative meditation wisdom and techniques, in a compassionate & friendly environment. I also joined the Uloo team to serve more people.

Finally, having lived in Paris, New York and Singapore and travelled the whole world for years, while being a wife, a mother of 2 boys and also a care giver (as my younger son is handicapped), all this has provided me the ongoing life challenge, opportunities, choices and experiences to appreciate even more the value of meditation, and develop even more empathy.

And hopefully to be able to help you through the steps of your own priorities and journey!

I speak English and French.

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