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Mindfulness Mentoring | Patrick

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I have traveled around the world teaching tens of thousands of individuals mindfulness. I lead the mindfulness@ibm community (13,000 people), I train mindfulness practitioners. I mentor, consult and support other international companies in this domain and have recently created an online course about mindfulness in partnership with the University of Oxford.
I became fascinated with this topic after having spent years studying international relations, political science, the mind and contemplative practices while completing my Bachelors at the Virginia Common Wealth University and then a Masters at Université Libre de Bruxelles and Uniwersytet Wrocławski.

You might not know that I am a skeptic by heart, all about Design Thinking, and have over 16 years experience in the martial arts. I am also tri-lingual – he speaks corporate, security and health.
I am now living my passion as a professional leader, speaker and mindfulness teacher. What’s more, I am an Agile Coach, leading an agile champions guild and improving the way migrations to the cloud happen.
Finally, my parents escaped from Poland in the late 1980s, I was born in Germany, grew up in San Diego, love life, plants and adventures... and most importantly would love to share my insights, experience and bits of wisdom with you.

Each session I will give you concrete practical tips, suggestions and actions. I will show you different examples, give you various answers and help you dive deeper into the questions you have.

I speak English and Polish.

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