Navigating Emotions and Unleashing your Superpowers Coach | Danny

Navigating Emotions and Unleashing your Superpowers Coach | Danny

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Hello :-)

My name is Danny, I am originally from Italy but I currently live in Germany.

I'm a Life & Business Coach, because I believe that coaching can bring out our personal talents and help us discover the best version of ourselves.

I'm an Emotional Intelligence Assessor, because I believe that our feelings are the propellers that will move us towards our goals: understanding them and learning how to channel them will make us more effective and happier :-)

I also practice the Voice Dialogue facilitation technique, because my mission is to foster the discovery of our inner selves as inexhaustible engines of energy.

Intuition, sensitivity, active listening mixed up with a good dose of pragmatism is what I have to offer you.

I will walk with you in your personal discovery path and support you along the way with creativity and positive challenges.

I work with highly motivated people that are looking for improvement either personal or professional.
We start from concrete objectives and craft out a plan to turn them into tangible results.

Main focus areas of my life coaching service:
- personal development
- relationships
- gender & diversity
- expat life

Main focus areas of my business coaching service:
- work-life balance
- leadership development
- business growth

If you want to find out whether a coaching path together is the right solution for you, please message me and I'd be happy to have a chat.

And you, are you ready to start the discovery?

Stay Curious!

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