Self-Awareness Coach | Stefani

Self-Awareness Coach | Stefani

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I am passionate, creative, and driven. I strive to improve my self-awareness, which helps me become a better me and ultimately achieve my vision(s). As a coach, I give my clients the space to be themselves, without judgment. I empathize, motivate, and aim to provide questions and observation with no criticism.

During a session, the goal is to increase the coachee’s awareness of self and their surroundings. I do that with a combination of exercises, role play, observations, and questioning. When I do sessions online I often use audio-only as this allows me to solely focus on the coachee’s voice that can give queues as to how they are doing and if there are underlying feelings. In my sessions, I like to dive deep and spent little time on the surface. After all, you did not come here for chit-chat but to make a change in yourself. But as much as diving deep is a serious topic, I like to end my sessions light when possible – so humor is always welcomed.

I use my creativity and intuition to tailor the session to the coachee’s needs. This makes the process exciting and with lots of room to use our imagination. The coachee and I are together on the journey towards change. I am always there to support and lift up, with the right amount of accountability so the coachee doesn’t get lazy. After all the goal is for the coachee to succeed and not come back to me with the same topic.

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