Self Discovery Mentoring | Cristina

Self Discovery Mentoring | Cristina

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I can say that I am dedicated to promoting the self-realization of those around me, that this is my job, enhancing the realization of others' dreams and goals. 

It is also not wrong to say that my dedication is for people to get to know and express themselves in the world in an authentic way, following their values and purpose, outside the comfort zone, in a free and creative life.

I work as a life Mentoring and Self-discovery Coach. My mission? Create an harmonious society through self-fulfilling and prosperous individuals, who contribute to the prosperity of others and the planet. How do I do? I share knowledge and tools and encourage people to plan and put their projects and dreams into action.

For the last 5 years, I dedicated myself to self-knowledge.

Dharma is to be in service of the heart. My profession is the way I chose to share my talents with the environment and find meaning for my existence.

Based on the ancestral knowledge of indigenous tribes together with Indian Vedic philosophy, yoga and practices, reminiscing about our roots and opening us to the expansion of our spirit and conscience.

Understanding the Self is necessary, but only when we transcend the mind can we really integrate a constant state of presence and openness.

In order for us to move between the dualities of life, an open attitude and not judgment is necessary.

It takes courage to be who we are: unique, authentic and spontaneous. True happiness lives within a pure heart, when we are true to ourselves and have the mental clarity to expand our perceptions in daily life.

Only when we understand our humanity, are we able to transcend our limitations and open ourselves to the potential of our Being.

Stay Curious!

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