Storytelling Mentoring | James

Storytelling Mentoring | James

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I am obsessed with sharing stories. My obsession is not just with what we say but how we say it.

I am a communication professor by vocation and storyteller by choice. For over 20 years I have been teaching students, really anyone who will listen and try to change, the art of sharing a compelling story. I hosted a popular radio show in Dubai for 12 years where what we did was have a compelling conversation. What I have learned from teaching and practicing the art of communication is that every word matters and how we package our ideas with pauses, inflections, speed and silence all make the story come to life.

What I can help you with is to perfect and polish your next presentation whether that be to an audience of 1 or 1000. How do I get over the fear of speaking? How should I organise my presentation? What about the introduction and conclusion? Time, is it important? Slides or no slides? What I can help you to do, over and over, is learn how to deliver the show stopper presentation.

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