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I am Alidiya and I am a travel coach, who inspired over 2000 people to travel more often. Dozens of people reached their dream destinations in less than 6 months!

I have unique formulas that work for different types of people. Students and fresh graduates will make it happen on any budget. Entrepreneurs who are extremely busy will ensure the power of delegation and will do it in most efficient way for the business.
The results of my mentees proved how good my formulas work. I give clear practical tasks. They are easy, super simple and take just few minutes to complete. However, they definitely help to reach the travel goals.

The program is based on my professional experience, I worked in tourism industry for 10 years (Travel Agency association, UNWTO collaboration, Travel program creator), of course on a special education (Master of Science and PhD candidate in Tourism). Moreover, I am myself a travel passionate person.

I believe Uloo has a mission to connect people with dreams with those who make sure for the dreams to come true.

By booking a session now, you will make the very first step to your dream destination.

Click now and See you!

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