Video Making & Social Media Mentoring | Emanuele

Video Making & Social Media Mentoring | Emanuele

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As all around communication dude I'm always everywhere, starting here with a video to be recorded and edited, a script to be written and a scenario to be imagines. Someone needs a graphic to be designed, and then an interview to be taken.... and...hold on! some actors are missing we need you in a clip. And how to share it on social media... can we have animated pictures? What's the best way to make a live streaming or a webinar? Each day a new experience, each moment is unique and fun and I'm here to serve you with the knowledge I collected so far.

The 1st session (15 min) is free so we get to know each other.

Check out Emanuele's presentation here:

Emanuele speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Stay Curious!

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